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Our Company 

Get to know our company, how we operate, and what we're all about.

How does it work?

GPA Insurance Agency is an independent broker, meaning we work with multiple companies to find you the best coverage at a competitive price. Here’s how getting insured with our services works:

1. You contact us with your insurance needs.

Whether you call, come in person to our office, or fill out one of our online forms, we start the process by getting to know your needs. We discuss your location, what your insurance needs are, and the amount of coverage needed to properly protect your assets. See our contact information to get started.

2. We find you the insurance company that gives you the best coverage and price.

After evaluating your needs with the 20+ companies we work with, we give you options in the form of quotes. The quotes are estimated prices of policies tailored to your insurance needs. An experienced agent will contact you to discuss these options.  

3. You decide on the plan you would like.

Once you let us know what plan works best for you, we will help you streamline the buying process. Our agents work with you to complete forms, get e-signatures, choose a billing plan, and put your policy into place.

4. You relax and enjoy the peace of mind.

Once your policy and payment plan are set up, you can feel secure in knowing that Armor Insurance Professionals will help you if anything comes up. We do our best to be proactive, but you should always reach out to us if you:

  • change your mailing address/move

  • experience a loss and have a claim

  • make a purchase and want to have it insured

  • have questions about your coverages or want to make changes

Who are we?

GPA Insurance Agency was established in 1992 based on the simple notion of doing what’s right for the customer.


All of the business GPA Insurance Agency engages in is based on the principle of helping others. Philip Lichter, the Founder and Senior Producer, instills his passion for friendly, sincere service in all of the business’s operations. Our mission is to give you the warm, helpful, continued guidance you deserve when purchasing insurance. Through our agents’ advising, educational website, and superior service, we work to inform the communities we serve.


We provide dozens of services to best serve all of your insurance needs and only work with A.M. Best’s top-rated insurance companies to get you the best coverage possible.


GPA Insurance Agency is located at the University at Buffalo. The upbeat, buzzing activity of the college campus matches the energy that our agency puts into working for our clients. The agency also identifies with the innovative energy of the campus and works to facilitate internships and learning opportunities for students.

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