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College Personal


Your education is valuable, and so is the personal property you have in your home and carry around campus! This comes with a lot of financial risk—what if your property gets damaged, stolen, or lost?


Fortunately, our student personal property insurance policy can cover your belongings while you are enrolled at a university, whether you are living on or off campus. We can insure your school supplies, such as laptops, printers, calculators, and other classroom materials, but we can also cover personal items, such as your cell phone, gaming consoles, sports equipment, clothing, jewelry, and more. This policy can be applied at all times, anywhere you go.


Why would I need a student personal property policy?

This low-cost policy is a backup plan for everyday mishaps. For a college student, it may be difficult to replace an expensive loss—like a broken laptop or stolen calculator, for example—but a student personal property policy can protect you against those kinds of losses and more. This policy can give peace of mind to students while attending school and help them out in the event of personal property loss.

Not only can this policy benefit students, but it can also benefit parents. If a student has a personal property policy, their parents won't have to make claims under their homeowners policy when something happens to their child's belongings. Typical homeowners policies can only cover up to $500 of property away from home.

How much does a student personal property policy cost?

Student personal property insurance can be as low as $72 per year. This is nothing compared to the cost of your belongings. Your phone, alone, probably costs about $600, your laptop costs at least $800, and your textbooks cost around $300. That’s already $1,700 for just a few of your items.

Keep in mind that with GPA Insurance Agency, you get to personalize your insurance policies to suit your needs and circumstances. As a brokering agency, we can compare prices from different companies for you at no cost. Need help deciding on the right amount of protection that fits in your budget? Get an online quote now or speak with a friendly agent to get started!

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