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& Taverns

We serve to help you serve—your food to your customers, that is. GPA Insurance Agency can provide all restaurant owners with insurance specific to food-servicing needs. Every restaurant owner should purchase a restaurant insurance policy, because there is an immense amount of risk and liability that comes with running a restaurant, including food contamination, food poisoning, lawsuits, injuries, kitchen fires, slips and falls, property damage, and more. Additionally, if your restaurant serves alcohol, you could get into even larger trouble; see our options for liquor legal liability insurance.


Our restaurant insurance policies can protect a variety of food-related businesses, such as:


  • Bars

  • Cafés

  • Cafeterias

  • Catering

  • Diner

  • Deli

  • Fine dining

  • Food delivery

  • Fast food

  • Pizzerias

  • Lounges


Among other coverages, your insurance policy may include:


  • Property: This protects your restaurant’s building, furniture, and equipment. It also includes coverage for physical damage caused by fire, hail, or any other event that could cause you to temporarily close your restaurant.

  • Liability: This covers you when any mistakes or injuries occur at your restaurant, causing a customer to make a claim or file a lawsuit due to food contamination, bodily injury, property damage, etc.

  • Crime: Unfortunately, robbery, employee theft, and forgery may occur at your restaurant, but you can protect your business with crime coverage.

  • Workers Compensation: Accidents and injuries can happen while working in your kitchen or serving customers. Workers’ compensation coverage can cover your losses when an employee gets hurt on the job.


Keep in mind that with GPA Insurance Agency, you get to personalize your insurance policies to suit your needs and circumstances. As a brokering agency, we can compare prices from different companies for you at no cost. Need help deciding on the right amount of protection that fits in your budget? Get an online quote now or speak with a friendly agent to get started!

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