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5 Ways to a Friendsgiving Feast on a Budget

Thanksgiving is a traditional time to give back and spend time with those you love. For people fortunate enough to have "family" that extends beyond blood, Friendsgiving is the perfect way to start a new tradition. There are many ways to budget during the holidays, and we've complied a list to keep your belly's and pockets full.

1. Potlucks are the Answer

Managing funds is easy if everyone pitches in. When creating a menu this year, ask everyone to bring their favorite dish. Aside from saving money, potlucks allow guests to make their own special contribution to the celebration. Just make sure to coordinate on who is bringing what. You don't want to end up with three turkeys.

2. #BYOB

What's a feast without spirits? Party libations can add up pretty quickly, so suggesting everyone bring their own bottle is a great idea. It protects you from running out, it saves money, and it ensures that everyone's tastes are being catered to.

3. Re-purpose Decorations

There’s no need to spend a fortune on decorations when you probably have things lying around your house. If you have leftover decorations from past occasions, dust them off and let them shine. You don’t have to have elaborate decor to have a good time; a few candles and flowers will suffice.

4. Set the Mood

When hosting any party, setting the perfect mood is essential. Make sure to set a playlist that makes everyone feel in the Thanksgiving spirit. If you don't want to pay for any music streaming programs, you can always stream from Pandora, YouTube, or Spotify's free station. If you are hosting Friendsgiving at home, light the fireplace to make the environment inviting and cozy. Don't have a fireplace? Stream a fake one Ono your computer or T.V. Hey, no one is judging you. We're all friends here remember?

5. Order Out

There are alternatives for those who, no matter how many seasons of Top Chef they watch, still can't boil water. For that unashamed, self-aware group, ordering out is always an option. Pizza and Chinese takeout are always viable possibilities, but if you want to go the traditional route, many stores and restaurants offer premade Thanksgiving feasts for affordable prices if you split the cost with your friends. For example, Sprouts offers a cooked meal for you and all your besties to eat your hearts out. At the low price of 70 dollars you get to enjoy a roasted turkey with six mouth-watering sides. All you have to do is start a collection pot and your Friendsgiving will be complete.

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